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S.A.F.E. School For Dogs

Our 6 Week Online Course gives you the education, structure, confidence and community you need to start a profitable SAFE dog school socializing misunderstood dogs as a career! 

An online dog training course teaching the principles of...


-    Safe Socialization
-    Advanced Training
-    Friendship Building
-    Emotional Maturity



About Safe School For Dogs

Safe School For Dogs is an online dog training course that teaches aspiring, beginner or seasoned dog trainers how to build a business that supports dog parents in need of extra support socializing and training their dogs around other dogs.

This course was developed because of a strong need in the dog community for more highly skilled dog trainers with advanced dog socialization programs to create resilient, emotionally mature and highly trained dogs.

"A comprehensive online course that goes over the science and psychology behind dog training, behavior modification and gives you a step by step process on how to create your dream business helping dogs through safe socialization and training"

These S.A.F.E schools are designed to help dogs who...

✓   have been kicked out of traditional dog daycares

✓   have had minimal dog experiences

✓   have had poor dog experiences

✓   lack confidence around other dogs

✓   are too rambunctious or fearful around other dogs

✓   want to develop strong reliability on and off-leash around other dogs

✓   need additional high level training for a certification or skill

✓   need to develop strong communication skills to help new friendships blossom

'Be the change you wish to see in the world'

these are the changes you'll make when you start a


Murray's Pawrents

"Our puppy was so scared of the outside world... Murray's confidence has skyrocketed since starting school and he is ready to take on the world!"

Mason's Pawrent

"Mason was overwhelmed by the chaos of traditional doggy daycare...
I wanted a safe place for him to learn how to be himself around other dogs and learn manners. ENTER, Jess. Her School is built on compassion and attentiveness. Her pack is well mannered and respectful of each other and they learn that listening to their human and being calm leads to all the good things."

Arley's Pawrent

"Arley has struggled with some separation anxiety and lack of confidence when I’m not around. The individualized approach Jess takes with each dog at school is the main reason Arley’s confidence has skyrocketed this year. Now Arley walks into school ready to have fun with her friends!"
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