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Meet Your Teachers

Rhonda Bilodeau
creator of the course

Rhonda Bilodeau is a professional dog trainer and an online entrepreneur in the dog training world with a passion to help as many dogs as she can by lifting up other incredible dog lovers turned trainers so they can make an impact in their community. She's helped many dog lovers start their dream business' hiking & training dogs and have mentored them on their journey of becoming dog trainers. Through creating the SAFE School For Dogs online course she hopes to reach even more dogs in need of more individualized support and in a safe supportive environment. 

Rhonda lives in Costa Rica with her beloved Mateo and their 2 dogs Milo and Ziva. You can find her on instagram sharing all about the heart to heart connection humans have with their dogs and how they share emotions.


 Jess Gorham
class teacher


Jess is a professional dog trainer and has a Bachelor of Science in both Animal Science and Psychology at the University of Vermont and worked at a busy dog daycare during her undergrad. Later she worked at a large animal supplement company as the top formulation specialist.

 Jess graduated from the My Dog Camp online course to learn how to hike and train dogs but instead used the concepts to create a day school training program because her personal dog needed more support. Through day school her dog blossomed. Rhonda saw how impactful and successful Jess' day school was for her dogs and her client's dogs that she teamed up with Jess to create S.A.F.E School For Dogs.

Jess will be your teacher on the S.A.F.E. School For Dogs LIVE Zoom Calls


Jess is an incredible trainer because she's passionate about learning from all styles of dog trainers and has an inclusive heart. She loves staying up to date on all the latest dog training trends and scientific research focusing on changing the dog's emotional state to create long lasting change. Jess lives in Burlington, VT and in her spare time you can find her with her dog's Pip and Sturge training, having fun hiking and meeting up with other dog trainers and their dogs.

Year Long Professional Dog Trainer Master Course for Graduates only

Together Rhonda and Jess host a year long dog trainer's course for My Dog Camp and SAFE School For Dogs graduate students only. This comprehensive year long course is everything you need to know to have a thriving dog training business in addition to your SAFE school. This class is held online weekly and then meets up in-person for 10 days of hands on training with dogs. Learn more here.

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