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Common Questions

What types of dogs are unsuitable for SAFE School For Dogs?

You will learn how to pick dogs so you and the dogs have a SAFE socialization experience. Dogs unsuitable for school are dogs that resource guard, dogs with a bite history, have barrier frustration with gates and back ties or dogs that excessively bark. 

Can I bring my dog to my SAFE School For Dogs?

Yes! You can bring your dog to your school as long as it is within their ability to be successful there. The training you learn in this online course will get you well along your way to making your dog a great SAFE School For Dogs student!

What if I don't have a facility to host my SAFE School For Dogs?

We show you how to scout out facilities and inquire about locations to host your SAFE School For Dogs in the 6 week online course.

What if I don't have any dog training experience? Can I really start a SAFE School For Dogs?

Absolutely! All you need is persistence, patience, passion and use the support system you receive in the course! You will always be assessing your skill level and matching it with the right types of dogs for your ability.

Is this a lucrative career running a SAFE School For Dogs?

Dog training and highly advanced dog daycares are one of the fastest growing businesses that are recession proof. More dogs are having behavioral problems and lead unnatural lives. This means they need extra support from skilled trainers that understand how to socialize dogs (all the exciting training content we offer in our 6 week online course!).  Dog parents are willing to pay top dollars to get this specialized help so their dogs can be happy. Our SAFE School trainers charge around $70 per dog for a day of school.

What's inside the SAFE School For Dogs Online Course?

Please see the online course section.

What's the refund policy?

We have a no refund policy due to the nature of this course being digital.

What are the start up costs for a SAFE School For Dogs?

There are minimal start up costs for a SAFE School For Dogs. You will need leashes, treats, a rental space, insurance, a car, some cots, a squirt bottle and a website (we show you how to obtain all the items and do all this!).


When do doors open for the 6 Week Online Course?

We open the doors twice a year. Get on the waitlist to find out when we announce our doors opening!

Who teaches the SAFE School For Dogs class?

Jess Gorham will be teaching the LIVE Zoom Calls. 

What can I expect when I sign up for the SAFE School For Dogs Online Course?

You can expect to receive a confirmation email about payment and a link to the online course through Mighty Networks. If you don't see this email please check your spam. If you did not receive the email please reach out to us here. Create an account on your laptop and then download the app on your phone. After you can access either on your laptop or phone. Once inside the Mighty Network you'll see our platform 'Dog Training Wisdom' where we host all our online courses.  You'll have access to the SAFE School For Dogs online course. Week 1 only opens once the class starts. Here you'll find all the information you need about class schedule, zoom links, educational videos and a community to connect with and ask questions. This is where Jess and Rhonda will be, ready to answer any question you have and support you on your journey!

Do you have a payment plan for the SAFE School For Dogs Online Course?

Yes, we have payment plans!


Do you offer a shadow program for dog trainers?

Jess Gorham offers shadow programs for graduates only. She runs her SAFE School For Dogs in Williston, VT. Together, Rhonda and Jess run a year long Professional Dog Trainer's Master Course online and some dates are in-person. Learn more about this training opportunity we only open up to My Dog Camp and SAFE School For Dogs students ONLY.

Where can I find a SAFE School For Dogs in my area?

Reach out and we'll try our best to find someone for you.

See you inside the course!

Rhonda & Jess
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