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The S.A.F.E. School For Dogs online course

The S.A.F.E. School For Dogs online course was created by professional dog trainer, Rhonda Bilodeau. She uses the same training concepts and philosophy in the incredibly popular and powerful My Dog Camp online course and Happy Rescue Dogs online course. The concepts she's used in the course have helped over a hundred dog owners train their rescue dogs and dog lovers start their professional careers hiking and training packs of dogs in a safe way off-leash.

Start Using Our 
Proven Concepts

Our training philosophy and methodology on how to train insecure, fearful, anxious, overwhelmed, reactive and hyperactive dogs has been time tested again and again. Each year more graduates are making an impact in their communities as dog trainers and are having incredible successes.

Your love for dogs is your purpose!  With our course you'll learn how to make an incredible impact in your community!

What's in our online course...

Week 1
Dog Psychology 

You'll learn how dog's learn best to improve confidence and learn how to create the behavior you want! Stopping unwanted behavior is easy with force and fear but only creates short term gain and an unhappy dog. Teaching a dog what you do want and being the support system they need in life to flourish will help you feel more connected with your dogs and in alignment with how you wish to train WITHOUT sacrificing results!

Week 2
I Speak Dog

You'll learn how dogs communicate and why focusing on the dog's emotional state is detrimental to creating a happy dog that feels confident and listens better Many believe they know how to 'speak dog' but disregard the biggest fundamental - that emotions drive behavior. When you learn how to help dogs feel better about their world through perception modification and counter conditioning you help a dog gain back their agency or control which helps them feel safe again. When a dog feels safe only then are they able to truly make choices and focus on advanced training concepts.  This means you'll be resolving the root cause of the dog's problem- how they feel and achieve happier dogs for a very sought after service!

Week 3
Dog School Essentials

Learn all the tools it takes to create happy, well socialized and confident dogs. Learning how to use tools are essential to making sure there's no fall out in the use of the tool and to avoid suppression. The purpose of a tool is to enhance communication. For example, you'll learn how to use a squirt bottle to help a pushy dog learn a shy dog's calming signal for space means to move away. This tool (as well as other tools) helps to bridge a gap between the calming signal of the shy dog and consequences of their behavior, creating clarity in the pushy dogs life. In the future it helps the pushy dog make better decisions around all shy dogs that exhibit the same calming signal. Tools are often used as a way to teach boundaries around other dogs and is essential in friendship building. It also helps a dog wants lead a more active lifestyle with their people or overcome behavioral issues as it creates an opportunity for more rewards based training. 

Week 4
SAFE Dog School Training

Learn how to teach advanced relaxation concepts and really reliable advanced training. A dog's inability to emotionally regulate means they have a dysregulated nervous system. A dysregulated nervous system is often the root cause of many behavioral problems. Teaching relaxation as a skill will greatly enhance any training we teach after. By teaching relaxation concepts you'll create more reliable dogs and emotionally stable dogs around people, places, things and dogs. Relaxation training is a key to successful dog training many in the business overlook and you're going to learn it all here!

Week 5
Construction of the Dog School

Knowing which dogs to put together to construct your dog pack is essential to having happy dogs and happy clients. You'll learn how to evaluate dogs so you know which dogs will benefit each other's training, when to add in new dogs and which dogs to avoid. By understanding how to construct your dog pack you're less likely to have dog fights and more likely to see dogs flourishing around other dogs. This section will shave years off your learning curve and fast track you to creating safe socialization experiences for your and the dogs! 

Week 6
SAFE Socialization

Friendship building is an art. When the dogs feel safe and learn the ability to ask for space (and that wish being granted), friendships blossom at school. Dogs that could never socialize start socializing because they're finally understood and their signals for space are being listened to (sometimes for the first times!). This is the most rewarding part of SAFE School For Dogs- seeing the dogs live their fullest lives with other dogs! After countless years searching for the perfect socialization process we believe we have one of the most detailed, step by step process for you to follow to create truly happy, beneficial and safe socialization experiences.

Plus, learn how to build your business!

We can help you feel confident changing careers or adding on a lucrative socialization school to your business


A 6 Week Online Course on...

Teaching dogs how to thrive around other dogs, learn important life skills to thrive at home with their people. Dogs learn how to become resilient to the stressors of being around other dogs, greeting and playing around them, relaxing and down regulate their nervous system, stay positive thinking in chaotic situations around new places and other dogs and learn how to socialize and read other dog's cues. Plus, they'll learn advanced obedience like sit, down, stay, come and heel.

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